Idee en uitvoering door beeldend kunstenaars Joanna Kanik, Lies Kortenhorst en Cecile Reijnders  en De Zwarte Hond. In opdracht van Bureau Kunstcircuit 2015.  Foto's  30 mei Elsbeth Volker 

On a sunny day in may, young and old took part in building and painting a large mill in Burgersdijk. The children from this neighborhood that once was called Mill District also created images about their ideas of a mill.  The pieces of art who found a place on street lights, were engraved  in boulders and placed on a wall, are inspired by the energy that emerged during the Molenblues project and on the sketchbook KrisKras Burgersdijk the result of a neighborhood exploration in 2013.
Idea and implementation by visual artists Joanna Kanik, Lies Kortenhorst and Cecile Reijnders and De Zwarte Hond. Commissioned  by Bureau Kunstcircuit  Deventer 2015

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